Thursday, March 02, 2006

La Choza Nautica in Breña, Lima

Every time I am in Lima, I always land at this place at least a few times. The specialties are all seafood-based, the service is friendly, the atmosphere is casual, and although the pisco sours aren't my favorite here, they have a good wine list (Peruvian and Chilean vintages), and loads of ice-cold beer.

All images courtesy of La Choza Nautica.

Located near central Lima in the Breña district, I must say that the nearby Alfonso Ugarte Boulevard and Plaza Bolognesi can be dodgy, especially after dark, so take a taxi unless you know the area well. La Choza Nautica is located on a little side street that is sometimes difficult to find, so I posted the map from the restaurant's website here.

The word choza means a shack, and the name of the restaurant is a play on words, based on a much more elegant restaurant, on a pier overlooking the Pacific, La Rosa Naútica, meaning The Nautical Rose. La Choza Naútica literally means The Nautical Shack.

Yet despite (or, as a result of) its unpretentious environment, as well as its commitment to excellence in the kitchen, La Choza Naútica is visited by locals and foreigners alike, as well as by Peruvian politicians and media personalities. It tends to get crowded at lunch, and even at dinner, there are crowds. There are actually two locales, directly across the street from one another, but the original is the smaller of the two.

Ceviche in a Creamy Rocoto Sauce

La Choza Naútica is also just a couple of blocks away from the Peruvian immigration offices, so those who have business there (such as extending their tourist visas) should stop in for lunch.

Choros a la Chalaca: Mussels Topped with Onions, Tomatoes, and Rocoto

They do have a website (only in Spanish) but it gives you a good sense of the place and the quality of the food they provide.

La Choza Nautica
Avenida Breña 204
Block 1 of Avenida Arica, right off Plaza Bolognesi

Web Page: La Choza Nautica

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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Antigona said...

Que ricooooooooo!!!!! No puedo esperar al dia en el que regrese a Lima Limon y comereme un cebichito en la Choza Nautica!!!!

Gracias por la nota.

::Alejandro:: said...

Estoy seguro que te va a gustar el lugar cuando vayas.

Gracias por la visita


Claudia said...

I'd like to know the address of the Tanta restaurant that belongs to Gaston Acurio. I heard it is not expensive.
thank you