Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Blogging Blues

As you may have noticed, faithful reader, I've been having a bit of the blogging blues.

I admire those bloggers who maintain their blogs current; it takes a lot of time and dedication. With me, it seems more hit or miss. I either blog obsessively or leave the blogosphere altogether. Partly to blame was a letdown: I haven't been to Peru in over a year, and had to recently cancel a trip. That's always cause for distress.

I know there are many of you reading and visiting, thank you. And, thank you for all the emails and comments you've sent; they are also much appreciated.

Today I was inspired to pick up Peru Food where I last left it.


After working all day, I decided to fight the notorious Los Angeles traffic to head to Hollywood and have some of the best Peruvian food at a great Peruvian restaurant that's slowly gaining acclaim. But more on that in the next post.

In the interim, I did switch my blogger profile name from the pseudonym El Gato Volador, to my given name. I thought it might add some gravitas to the blog.



Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent blog - one of my favorite topics. I'm a Korean American married to a Peruvian and it's been one helluva spicy adventure. I think more people need to know about Peruvian food, and not just the SushiSambaRio or Nacional 27 crap (hello - 3 paper thin strips of fish with some garnish on top is not ceviche, so I hope you'll keep writing even if it's just once in a while. Let me know if you need a Chicago correspondent!

We're going to the North Shore of Peru this Christmas with some family - any posts with dining suggestions?

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Wow Alejandro! Gracias por la mención...Un abrazo desde Panama ;D

::Alejandro:: said...

Carol: Yes, please email me and tell me all about the Peruvian food in the
Chicago area. I would love to hear about it!

Melissa: Para mi siempre es un placer!