Friday, June 15, 2007

Travelog: Meeting Gastón Acurio

Regular readers of this blog will know that like many of you, I am a fan of Peruvian superchef Gastón Acurio. Well, a year and three visits to Peru later, thanks to the kind assistance of a dear Peruvian journalist friend of mine, I had the opportunity to meet him yesterday at his offices in the Barranco district of Lima.

Because I was really just a fly on the wall during an interview Gastón was giving to my friend, about a project that is still very much under wraps, I can't write too much about our meeting. But, I can say that Gastón is as down-to-earth and personable as he appears in other interviews. Quick-witted, engaging, and kind, Gastón was exactly as I imagined him, and it was a great honor for this humble Peruvian food blogger to have the pleasure of meeting one of the key proponents of Peruvian food in the world today.

I was able to take some pictures of him deciding the presentation of one of the dishes for his Astrid y Gastón restaurant. And, hopefully, before I leave Peru on this visit, I will have the opportunity to interview Gastón myself for Peru Food. As preparation for my meeting with Gastón, I printed out a number of posts that have appeared on this blog regarding his work, including the translation I did of his memorable speech last year at Lima's University of the Pacific. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that Gastón's and my path will cross once again. (If you want to know more, search this blog for Gastón Acurio).

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CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

Hola Alejandro! glad to learn that the sunny days in Lima are back---have a great time---best,

Elena Hernandez said...

Te diste cuenta de lo buena onda e inteligente que es? Es un personaje! Y su comida es riquísima.
Suerte en el resto de tu viaje y saludos a Gastón!

Zonia said...

Que suerte la de haber compartido con tal personaje como Gaston y bueno saber que es tal como lo imaginamos...bueno en si yo me lo imagine asi como tu, down to earth, que bueno tener gente asi alla. Que lindo que estes alla!!! yo llego a tierras peruanas el 20 de Julio, ya quiero estar ya alla!!!
Disfruta del lindo Peru ;)

Anne Reinstein said...

I love your blog Alejandro, thanks for sharing this wonderful profile of my peruvian cuisine...

mimi said...

Hola.yo soy epruana, me encanta el trabajo de GAston Acurio, es mu bueno y Astrid su es posa una linda persona y hace dulces deliciosos.
Yo creo que la comida peruan es muy buena pero necesita mas difusion, aqui en USA no hay muchos restaurantes, si los hay hay pocos de ellos contados son buenos. Que bueno que conociste a Gaston el prepara la mejor comida novoandina ever! y bueno extranio muchisimo mi comida criolla .

::Alejandro:: said...

Gracias a todas por sus comentarios!

Thank you for your comments!