Saturday, November 03, 2007

Philately: Peruvian Potatoes

I want to start posting much of the material on Peruvian food I've accumulated over the past few months, so let me start with this one: Peruvian potatoes as depicted on Peruvian stamps.

What would Peru be without its potatoes?

Stamp collectors might also like to see this previous post which depicts Peruvian food on stamps.


Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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risa said...

Hi! I'm thinking of starting up a new culture of food blog that will explore foods from around the world. I"m looking for other bloggers who might want to occassionally write a post. What do you think? If interested, please email me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great. I'm going to Peru at the end of November, so I'm currently scouring the web for all information Peruvian. Food is especially good. ;> Thanks for these wonderful posts.

victoraul_n said...

I am glad to find a blog that talk about our peruvian food because this is really something to share. Peruvian Restaurants in the USA are doing pretty good becuase the food is so good!

EL DANNY said...

como diriamos los peruanos QUE BUENA PAPA Y YUCA tenemos nosotros XD te felicito y sigue informandonos respecto a la comida peruana. PAZ