Friday, March 21, 2008

Semana Santa In Peru

Yes, I've been in Texas, and I just got back home to Los Angeles in time to vicariously celebrate the most sacred period of Christendom, Holy Week.

In Peru, Semana Santa is a week-long ceremony, with multiple manifestations of faith, none more powerful than those witnessed in the Andean city of Ayacucho.


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Canelita said...

Welcome back, Alejandro! My fondest memories of Holy Week growing up in Peru include gathering family and friends and visiting 7 churches on Holy Thursday. An easy task which we completed in no time since we lived minutes away from the Historical Centre in Lima, where you run into a church every 4 blocks or so.

Holy Week celebrations in the Andean regions of Peru seem to be even more special. The images in the videos were powerful and captivating. I was especially impressed by the candle-lit float during the procession.

Thank you for sharing these videos with us.

Carlos A. Quiroz said...

Bienvenido de regreso Alejandro!

Nice post about Ayacucho, a very spiritual place where the Hispanics built churches every other block.

I like the videos you included except the first one -racist media in Peru had to pick the light-skinned girl among the rest of Native peoples.

And did you know that most Catholic traditions in Andean towns mix indigenous rituals and beliefs with cult to European saints? Something to write about.

Pico said...


Acabo de regresar de Lima despues de 2 semanas de vacaciones. Tenia una lista enorme de restaurantes a los cuales queria visitar. Entre una cosa y otra descubri otros que me mantenieron contento y feliz de estar de vuelta: la cocina de mi madrina, con un charquican para morir; la casa de mi cunado, con un tiradito de pejerrey para morir; la casa de mi tia con un tradicional picante maleno; la casa de mi tia, con un guiso de frejoles verdes; de vuelta a la casa de mi madrina para desayunar con camote frito, queso fresco y de vez en cuando chicharron.

Al menos mi esposa y yo tubimos la oportunidad de cenar en Toshiro la noche anterior a partir.


Cristian said...

alejandro, felicitacion en el blog. soy peruano- pero vivo en los "estates" hace 15 anhos. el blog esta excepcional y yo mi hermana estaremos viniendo por seguido. salud!

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