Friday, September 22, 2006

Sacha Inchi: Oil from the Amazon Takes Gold in Paris

Photo: Institute of Peruvian Amazon Research,
Instituto de Investigación de la Amazoní­a Peruana.

I must be craving to be somewhere very far away. Perhaps I need a vacation? For now, here's a final installment related to the Peruvian Amazon, about a unique plant that produces a flavorful and very healthy oil.

Sacha inchi
, an Amazonian plant, has been discovered to be the richest vegetable source of the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 that protect the heart and lower cholesterol.

The plant is depicted on pottery found buried in Inca and pre-Inca tombs, so people in the region must have known about sacha inchi for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Sacha inchi contains 48% Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (olive or soy oil only contain 8%). Also, because of its makeup, it is the most easily digestible vegetable oil.

The oil isn't only incredibly healthy, it must also taste good since it just won a Gold Medal. When it will show up at my local supermarket?

Bottled under the the Inca Inchi label, this oil received a Gold Medal at the World Edible Oil Fair, part of the Salón World Ethnic & Specialty Food Show, held this past June in Paris.

Sacha inchi produces a fruit that, to me, looks like a pod. After the pods are dried, the seeds are extracted and pressed to make the oil.

I like this close up of sacha inchi.

This is the pod which is harvested from the plant.

Once the pod is dried, the hard inner body is revealed. Inside are the
sacha inchi seeds.

The seeds are pressed to make the oil.

Map: Institute of Peruvian Amazon Research,
Instituto de Investigación de la Amazoní­a Peruana.

Almost two-thirds of Peru consists of tropical lowlands (green in the map above), the western edge of the immense Amazon basin, yet barely 12% of the population live there. Sacha inchi is one of the crops the Peruvian government's Pro Amazonía program is trying to develop in the region. Inca Ichi oil is produced by Agroindustrias Amazónicas.

Sources: Radio Programas del Perú and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos from Pro Amazonía.

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laila radice said...

muy bueno Alejandro, vivo en Brasil pero un tio mio de vive en Peru trajo el Sacha Inchi y me encantó. todavia no los encontramaos por acá.. besitos

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::Alejandro:: said...

@ Dr. Valdivia: Thank you for the further information about sacha inchi.

To everybody else: Thanks for the tips for places where to purchase sacha inchi oil.