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Video: Celebrating Peruvian Music and Día de la Canción Criolla, October 31

Most people associate October 31 with Halloween, or Día de las Brujas; but, since 1944, in Peru October 31 means one thing: Día de la Canción Criolla, a celebration of one of the most loved Peruvian musical manifestations.

As Peruvian food is a fusion of many flavors and traditions, música criolla, or criolla-style music, is a fusion of rhythms and experiences.

This style of music, prevalent along the coastal regions of Peru, blends the sound of guitars from Spain with the drumming of the cajón, the box-like percussion instrument popularized by Afro Peruvians since the earliest period of Peruvian colonial history. Criollo music is markedly different from the Andean rhythms that are so widely-known outside Peru.

October 31 was chosen as a date to celebrate criollo music since October is also el mes morado, the purple month, in which Peruvians revere their most beloved religious icon, El Señor de los Milagros, the Lord of Miracles.

There is a direct link between the devotees of El Señor de los Milagros, and lovers of all things criollísimo, which includes criollo music as well as criollo cuisine.

Criollo music fuses the instruments of Spain and Africa with the voices of Peru. Classic criollo melodies include the vals, or walz, the festive marinera, the lively festejo, the lamentful tondero, and curiously, the polka.

In commemoration of the 2006 Día de la Canción Criolla, I have posted some excellent videos that provide insight into this uniquely Peruvian style of music.

This first video offers images of the Lima of yesteryear. Alicia Maguiña Málaga sings Long Live a Peaceful Peru, an ode to her country.

Viva el Perú y Sereno, Alicia Maguiña Málaga
Video: criollisimo

Two giants of música criolla in a classic Peruvian vals, combining guitars, cajón, and powerful voices. They sing With You Peru, a tribute to Peru and its people.

Contigo Perú, Arturo el Zambo Cavero and Oscar Aviles
Video: criollisimo

In this next video, one of my favorite singers in this genre, Eva Ayllón, sings Misstep, a song about a lover scorned longing to return to the one who spurned her.

Video: jonasin21

Once again, these two giants of Peruvian music sing another classic song: My Name is Peru.

Yo Me Llamo Perú, Arturo el Zambo Cavero and Oscar Aviles.

Finally, Chabuca Granda, one of the greatest composers of the canción criolla, sings an ode to the city of Arequipa in a vals with a marked Andean influence. The video shows lovely images of this city known as La Ciudad Blanca, the White City.

Arequepay Si Quedaos, Chabuca Granda
Video: jaimechuqinaupa

Source: RadioProgramas del Peru

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Luis Colan said...

Alejandro, this is a great post. I love musica criolla, it's funny that most peruvians my age don't like it, well, at least the ones I met in Connecticut...they think of themselves as Americans. NOT ME! I love it and I listen to it when I paint. This was a beautiful tribute to the land I hold very dear.

Un abrazo

cramoz said...

Muy bueno el video de Are Quepay con Chabuca, no sabia de su existencia

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Thank you for these videos, Alejandro!