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Video Recipe: Papa Rellena, Peruvian Stuffed Potato

Papa rellena is an individual mashed potato cake filled with meat and other tasty ingredients and lightly fried to crispy perfection.

This easy-to-follow video from Instituto Los Andes cooking school in Lima demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare this Peruvian appetizer. Run time is 8:34.

The video is in Spanish, but I translated and transcribed it into English. The translation appears below.

Some ingredients may not be easily available in your area, but the ingenious chef will know how to substitute. For a few ingredients, the name is a hyperlinked for further explanation. The measurements are in metric. There is no complete ingredient list, and some items don't specify a specific quantity; however, the video is clear.

If this post inspires anyone to make this very typical Peruvian dish, I would be interested in hearing your experience.

Personally, I love papas rellenas.

I suggest reading the translation first, then viewing the video, and then re-reading the text.

Text: Chef Carmen Villar, Instructor and her students in the Peruvian cooking class.

Voice: Today's Peruvian cooking lesson is papa rellena.

Text: Papa Rellena Ingredients

1 kilo of hot, cooked and riced (mashed) tomasa potatoes

250 grams of ground steak

2 diced onions (Brunoise cut)

Brunoise cut: small cubes about .5 centimeters thick

Minced garlic.

Knead the potatoes until there are no more lumps.

Add salt.

Heat oil to prepare an aderezo.

Add the garlic and onion and sautée until golden.

Control the heat and continue moving to combine all parts.

Add ají panca and mix into onion and garlic mixture.

Add the ground meat and keep stirring.

Add raisins and sliced olives.

When the meat is cooked, take off heat.

The filling should be moist and juicy. Allow to cool.

Slice hard boiled eggs.

Divide potatoes in servings and flatten with hands.

The potato should be cool when handling.

Place some filling and a sliced egg in potato patty.

Close as you see in the demonstration.

Roll in flour.

Dip in beaten egg before frying.

Fry in abundant hot oil. Control the temperature.

Move with a slotted turner and place on paper towel.

Prepare salsa criolla with julienned ají verde.

Julienne: Thin cuts 4 centimeters long.

Feather-sliced onions.

Feather-sliced: Julienned onions.

Add lemon juice, salt, diced parsley, and a drizzle of oil.

Serve as a warm appetizer, accompanied by salsa criolla.

Be creative with the filling. Use chicken, pork, seafood, cheese.

Questions or comments?

Peruvian Food

Instituto Los Andes

Our objective is to form future professionals.

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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Irredento Urbanita said...

Aunke parezca raro, en la playa de Huanchaco se comen unas buenas papas rellenas doc, te las recomiendo. Un saludo grande y ke sigas difundiendo con éxito la gastronomía peruana.

Un abrazo desde Barcelona

::Alejandro:: said...

Es cierto, en Huanchaco comí unas papas rellenas bien sabrosas. Gracias por la visita...

Anonymous said...

Hola! También es uno de mis favoritos. Y cuando estoy en Lima, las del "Queirolo" son mis favoritas.
hmmm... mmm... que ganas de unas buenas papas rellenas para este domingo!

::Alejandro:: said...

Yo también quiero...

Don Cuevas said...

Hola, Alejandro, como puedo ligar tu blog a lo mío?

Mike (Anónimo)

::Alejandro:: said...

Mike, thanks for stopping by, I linked your blog and sent you a PM...

Adventurewithashley said...

The vid is amazing. Thank you so much.

Im doing this project on papa Rellena and i was wondering why is Papa rellena popular in Peru? Is it because of the taste?