Wednesday, August 01, 2007

La Tiendecita Blanca Café Suisse in Miraflores

This post is in honor of the Swiss National Day, August 1, and one of my dearest friends, a Swiss-born Angeleno who has a great love for Peru.

I admit, when I think of this Miraflores institution, I immediately think té de tías, an old ladies' tea party, since La Tiendecita Blanca Café Suisse definitely draws its share of Lima's well-heeled, blue-haired mavens for coffee, pastries, and gossip.

Yet, there is something else that draws people to La Tiendecita Blanca: it's called tradition.

A classic old-world café in the heart of Miraflores, for the past 70 years this venue has offered fine pastries, excellent coffee, Swiss specialties, good service, and a quiet place to escape the noise and stress of modernity.

The founder, Alberto Bachmann, who along with the founder of the Hotel Crillón and the Country Club hotel, contributed to the Swiss tradition of service in the Peruvian capital. Now, La Tiendecita Blanca is run by Alberto's son.

The servers at La Tiendecita Blanca wear a uniform evocative of the Swiss countryside. This place is known for its pastries, cakes, coffees, breads. There is also a gourmet food shop and a good menu from breakfast to lunch to dinner, including Swiss fondue, and a long counter displaying many homemade desserts.

If you are in Lima, and looking for someplace to escape the hubbub of the city, La Tiendecita Blanca Café Suisse is a very good option.

La Tiendecita Blanca Café Suisse
Avenida Larco 111, corner Avenida Ricardo Palma, Miraflores
Open daily, 7 am to midnight

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