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In Europe, Peruvian Pisco Wins Medals; In Peru, Pisco Producers Assess Situation

There is good news, and less-than-good news, for the Peruvian pisco industry.

For the uninitiated, Peruvian pisco is the most emblematic spirit of Peru.

I've posted about the pisco production process before, as well as some videos that explain the meaning and history of this definitive Peruvian grape brandy.

First, the good news.

In the 31st Edition of The Challenge International du Vin, held in France, a prestigious global wine and spirit competition, the following awards went to Peruvian pisco, which I list so we all know what to buy the next time we're in Peru:

Gold Medal:

Santiago Queirolo Acholado

Silver Medal:

Gota Italia 2006, Viña Ocucaje

Bronze Medals:

Pancho Fierro Torontel
Gran Pisco Acholado 2006 Viña Ocucaje
100 Años Mosto Verde Acholado 2006, Viña Ocucaje
Torontel Mosto Verde, Santiago Quierolo

Meanwhile, in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, another international wine and spirit competition held in Belgium, Peruvian wine and pisco also won awards.

Once again, I'm posting the winners so we know what to purchase on our next trip to Peru.

In terms of pisco, the winners were:

Great Gold Medal:

Pisco Mendiola Mosto Verde 2003

Gold Medals:

Pisco Bianca Acholado 2006
El Sarcay de Azpitia Mollar 2006
Don Saturnino Italia 2006
Pisco Italia Viejo Tonel 2006
Pisco Acholado Viejo Tonel 2006
Ocucaje Pisco Puro Quebranta
Pisco Gran Cruz Italia 2006
1615 Pisco Puro Quebranta 2005

Silver Medals:

Pisco Viñas De Oro Quebranta 2006
Don Saturnino Torontel 2006
Fundo Real Quebranta 2006
Ocucaje Pisco Italia
La Botija Italia
Pisco Fontana 2005
El Almendral 2006

In terms of wine:

Silver Medals:

Viña Ocucaje Colección Rubini Crianza Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
Viña Ocucaje Colección Rubini Crianza Malbec 2006

And, now for the not-so-good news.

Much of the pisco in Peru is still produced by small artisanal pisco makers who have been hard hit by the recent earthquake.

According to an article published in the Lima daily La República, many of these small-scale producers have been impacted by the recent earthquake; either, their facilities were damaged, or the housing situation for their workers has become precarious.

In Chincha, one of the most hard hit areas, and prior to the earthquake, a center of pisco and wine production (estimates are of at least 70 pisco producers in the region), the smaller, artisanal producers were affected.

Additionally, the Peruvian Institute of Wine and Pisco calculates that most of the wine and pisco producers in the Ica region (which is home to a great percentage of Peru's wine and pisco production) has been damaged. It will take a while for a full assessment to be made.

Amidst all the damage, according to this article, for Pedro Olaechea, one of the owners of Tacama vinyards (one of the largest wine and pisco producers in the region), the post-earthquake focus has been less on production and more on the human needs of their workers, and the needs of the people who live in their area.

Through their efforts, Tacama was able to amass 50 tons of aid for victims of the earthquake, and while their production areas suffered damage, they are convinced that pisco production will not be hampered as a result of the earthquake.

Thanks to the blog Perú Vinicola for many of the leads regarding this post.

All photos in this post are published under a Creative Commons license.

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Maberk said...

Thanks a lot for the ad...
I personally think Peruvian cuisine is one of the most diverse and sophisticated in the world...
Despite the fact that many peruvians live here in Bs As, peruvian food is a relatively unknown one for Argie palates...

Ingredients such as Evaporated Milk or Aji Amarillo are simply impossible to get here.

Getting Korean food is easier here than getting Peruvian one... Weird huh?

::Alejandro:: said...

Hey, hope next year you participate in BlogDay and find five of your favorite global blogs as well...keep on blogging!