Thursday, February 14, 2008

Peruvian Food Video: Piura Lunch, Almuerzo Piurano

00:25 seconds. The narrator, Pedro, is quite the witty video personality, filming during his trip to Los Órganos, Piura, in the far north of Peru.

He sets the stage, gives us the money shot, and then ponders the meaning of it all.

First, he lets us know the setting: "We're eating typical Piura-style food, with chiii-flesss (banana chips, said in the typical accent of Piura), a delicious and wonderful ceviche, and a tee-shirt that says Brazil, I don't know why."

Then, he gets philosophical: "And me. Always me. Filming."

And finally, just goofy: No translation necessary.

One in an occasional series of posts with videos of everyday people in Peru filming their Peruvian food.

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Jenn said...

Not only is the food typical, but the floral table cloth and plate plus the INCA COLA! Great to see video from Peru!

pierogriego said...

Hi, I'm the owner of this video. It's nice to know that peruvian people can remember with my videos. Wait for more because I love traveling.
(Sorry for my bad english)

::Alejandro:: said...

@jenn: yes, you're right! I forgot to mention the Inca Kola!

@ pierogriego: hey! glad you found the video, you're a great videographer, saludos!