Friday, February 01, 2008

Why This Peruvian Food Blog Matters

Some of you know who have been long-time readers of this humble blog know that now and again I get into a writing slump. There is always material, but sometimes the vicissitudes of life interfere, and I find myself posting less than I'd like.

Then, I'll get a comment or an e-mail
from an anonymous person, somewhere in the world, who connects with me through this blog.

Perhaps I'm feeling reflective because we just celebrated our two year anniversary here at Peru Food.

Those comments or e-mails I mention make me feel (as I've said time and again) that Peru Food has become larger than me; Peru Food has become its own entity.

Recently, I got some comments and e-mails that illustrate this point.

One comment was from Angel, a Peruvian living in Badajoz, Spain: sabe de la alegria y del orgullo de ser peruano y estar en España mirando por internet (ventana al mundo) ese delicioso concentrado de cangrejo ... hecho por Doña Aida Cerreños Vasquez de Taype ... mi abuelita querida... don't know the happiness and pride I felt of being a Peruvian living in Spain, when via the Internet (the window to the world) I saw that delicious crab concentrate ... made by Doña Aida Cerreños Vasquez de Taype ... my beloved granny...

I also recently received this e-mail from Cape Town:

...muy impresionante el web page de La Cocina Peruana, felicitaciones. Soy un peruano residente en South Africa, 17 años, extraño el turrón y los alfajores...

...your Peruvian food page is impressive, congratulations. I am a Peruvian who's been living in South Africa for the past 17 years, and I miss turrón and alfajores...

Sometimes, e-mails like this one appear in my inbox:

Hi, my name is ... and I am in grade nine geography. We have a project which details that we need to make a recipe for quite a few people from Peru. I was curious if you would have any suggestions on an easy to make recipe that can also be served in small portions to a number of people. Thank you for any help you can send to me.

All of these e-mails, comments, and questions, remind me: Peru Food matters.

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Chris said...

I am an American married to a Peruvian lady and I appreciate your work highlighting what I long for most from Peru, the food!

I've love to see you highlight some of the specific things that Peru offers, not just prepared dishes. For example, a detailed explanation and a where-to-buy of Salcha Inche would be much appreciated.

Keep up the great work!


::Alejandro:: said...

Chris, thank you for your comment and visit. OK, I keep getting e-mails about where to buy sacha inchi, so I guess that will have to be my homework for the next couple of weeks. If you send me an e-mail, I will send you the link to the post about it once I find that information; otherwise, keep checking back. Saludos!

y.monzon said...

What?! I missed a national drinking holiday?! hahahaha.... I need to try some pisco soon... hehehehe.... Thanks for the lovely card! xoxoxo.....

::Alejandro:: said...

jajajaja! i bet you'd enjoy Lima on pisco sour day jajajaja ... about the card: better late than never ...

Pico said...


A buena hora encontre tu pagina de Internet. Te doy muchas gracias por tu esfuerzo. Voy a Lima a mediados de Marzo y no veo las horas de hacer un peregrinaje a tantos restaurantes sabrosos en Lima. Hablando de Pisco, date una vuelta por el pueblo de Las Flores and sur de Lima, de San Antonio para arriba. Hay una produccion artesanal muy buena. Y despues a Calango a comer Chupe de Camarones. Buen provecho

::Alejandro:: said...

@ Pico: Gracias por tu comentario y por la recomendacion...ya lo tengo anotado para el proximo viaje al Peru.