Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Excellent Website, Great Food: Restaurant Cebicherí­a Mi Propiedad Privada in San Miguel, Lima

I discover many interesting things as I conduct my research for this blog.

In my quest for excellent restaurants in Lima, but currently limited by the 6000 kilometers between here and there, I am contacting people I know and searching online for reviews and tips.

One gem of a webpage I've uncovered is for Restaurant Cebicherí­a Mi Propiedad Privada, in the middle-class San Miguel district of Lima.

Named after a much loved Peruvian waltz, I've since discovered that this restaurant has a very good reputation for the quality of its cuisine. I admit I haven't been there, but it is on my short-list for my next trip to Lima.

Their introduction page has a great video of Peruvian seafood cuisine backed by a coastal Afro-Peruvian rhythm. Once the video has loaded, click on the arrow.

Their home page, which you see by clicking Entrar en el website below the video, has good links.

Sugerencias del Chef has good pictures, as does their Carta page (along with their complete menu and cost, albeit in Spanish), and their Quienes Somos link has good photos of the interior.

And now for the good stuff.

Here is the link for the introduction with the video:

Video of Peruvian Food at Restaurant Cebicherí­a Mi Propiedad Privada.

Here is the link for the restaurant's home page:

Home Page of Restaurant Cebicherí­a Mi Propiedad Privada.

Just seeing all this makes my mouth water, how about you?

Restaurant Cebicherí­a
Mi Propiedad Privada

Calle César López Rojas 177,
next to the big Metro supermarket at block 25 of Avenida la Marina
Urbanización Maranga
San Miguel

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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