Sunday, February 19, 2006

A tour of el Barrio Chino, Lima's Chinatown

A traditional arch welcomes you to Lima's Barrio Chino at the corner of Jirón Ucayali and Jirón Andahuaylas.

The 700 block of Jirón Ucayali, right next to Lima's Mercado Central, or Central Market, is known as Calle Capón.

Click on the map below to get a closer view of the area. Notice the arch is incorrectly placed at the corner of Jirón Andahuaylas and Jirón Huallaga; it should be at Jirón Andahuayalas with Jirón Ucayali.

Calle Capón is the heart of Lima's traditional Chinatown.

Chinese food is readily available for purchase in el Barrio Chino. People come from all parts of the city to shop there.

This is a very busy and crowded part of the city, so please exercise caution, and be careful with your belongings. Whatever you do, do not go past the Plaza Italia or Jirón Huanta. The area is historic but is dangerous for outsiders. Jirón Huanta is clearly labeled in the map above.

There are two venerable dining institutions in el Barrio Chino.

One of them is the Salón Capón at Jirón Paruro 819.

The other famous Barrio Chino restaurant is Wa Lok at Jirón Paruro 864.

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