Thursday, January 26, 2006

Places to Eat In and Around Barranco

Peruvians take their cuisine very seriously.

Peruvian cuisine is known for excellence, and you will be able to find many restaurants depending on your budget. The best values are usually at lunchtime, when most restaurants offer a menú which includes a choice of starter, main dish, dessert, and a beverage, for a fixed price. There are all price ranges. In Lima, seafood is particularly good, although there are many different types of cuisine available, both Peruvian regional and international.

In and around Barranco, the coastal bohemian district of Lima, I can recommend the following:

Located facing the very pleasant main plaza of Barranco, and for general drinks and snacks, check out the very traditional

Bar Juanito
Avenida Grau 274, Barranco

This bar is very famous in Barranco and has great ambience. More for snacks and refreshments instead of a full meal.

Also in Barranco is the wonderful

Cebicherí­a Barranco (also known as La Gringa)
Avenida Panamericana Sur 270, Barranco
Telephone 467-4560
Daily, 10 am. to 5 pm.

This is owned by a Peruvian of Swiss descent who makes mouth-watering dishes, focusing on seafood. There is very good ambience at lunch and it is not very expensive.

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Mario said...

There are lot of places to eat in Barranco. Mainly cevicherias. But my favorite by far is "Canta Rana". The ceviche is good but the fried calamari is the standout. This restaurant is considered a hole in the wall owned by an Argentinian who believes Maradona is God, as many Argentinians do.

::Alejandro:: said...

That's a great tip Mario, you are absolutely right that is a great place to eat in Barranco. Vicente Furgiuele is the owner, and the place is good spot to watch Argentinian football matches. I'm going to post something more about this place. Thanks for the tip!