Sunday, February 18, 2007

Astrid & Gaston In Miraflores

Photos from a meal we had at what is one of Lima's finest restaurants.

Tiradito, a translucent sashimi-like fish in a spicy sauce.

Carapulcra, made with pork and freeze-dried potatoes.

Roast lamb shank.

Escabeche de pato, duck in a sweet and sour marinade.

Mango and hot pepper salsa.

Shrimp-stuffed raviolies.





Astrid & Gaston Restaurant

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Anonymous said...

Visited this restaurant for lunch on March 13 - big dissapointment.

The quality of food is good, but service below any expectations.

First, found that one of two forks was dirty, pointed waiter to it, he changed that fork - no appology!

Second, order soup and Black Cod filet. Soup was very hot, I was eating it slowly. Waiters asked at least three times if I have finished, and, finaly, brought my entree before I finished soup.

I visited Francesca one day before, such a great place!

::Alejandro:: said...

Sorry to hear about your experience there, you might consider writing them a letter.

RAaugust said...

Exactly, I think that you always need to complain to the owner or the manager in charge. It could always be that the server have not been too honest and acted in good faith!

I am happy that we have great restaurants and that we can speak up so they can change this around.