Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peruvian Desserts

Peruvian desserts. Mmmm.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but an e-mail had me taking pictures of my Art of Peruvian Cuisine by Tony Custer.

Peruvian desserts? Yes.

Turrón de Doña Pepa, an anise pastry filled with a fruit syrup confection.

Volador y Guargueros, a delicate egg-based pastry.

Ponderaciones, an egg and milk dessert from the Viceregal period.

Suspiro de Limeña, a classic milk and egg dessert.

Arroz con Leche, Peruvian-style rice pudding.

Tejas, Colonial-era sweets.

Turrón de Chocolate, a chilled chocolate confection.

Mazamorra Morada, purple corn pudding.

Merengue de Lúcuma, meringue cake filled with the tropical fruit lúcuma.

Mousse de Chirimoya, a mousse made with Peruvian cherimoya.

Picarones, pumpkin fritters.

Alfajores, a sweet custard pastry.

Bien Me Sabe, another Colonial sweet originally made by nuns.

Encanelado, a cinnamon-based cake.

Huevo Chimbo, a rich egg-based dessert.

Maná en Frutitas y Bola de Oro, a cake stuffed with fruit and custard.

These are photos I took from my copy of Tony Custer's Art of Peruvian Cuisine, which I purchased on my most recent trip to Lima.

The Art of Peruvian Cuisine

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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GiuCe said...

...casi imposible hacer dieta con todo lo q tenemos XD

muy buena elección!
siempre un gusto pasar x aquí
y felicidades por el primer año de Peru Food ^^


::Alejandro:: said...

Dieta? Que es una dieta?

Que gusto verte por acá Giuce, un abrazo!

Rogelio said...

faltó mi mezcla favorita: "el clásico" (arroz con leche y mazamorra morada, juntos pero no revueltos!)

Kevin said...

Thank you for creating this blog! As someone who grew up in Peru, I am so proud to share with others the wonderful food of my country. My memories of eating alfajores, pionono (con manjar blanco), mazamorra morada, and helados lucuma will always be with me!

RiverMist said...

M mom has that book too, and it is amazing!
you are going into my fav. list.

::Alejandro:: said...

Your mom has good taste River Mist. Thanks for adding us to your fave list. Saludos!