Saturday, January 19, 2008

On The Blogs: Peruvian Jazz And Arroz Con Pato @ The Kitchen Diary

Peruvian food seems to be everywhere these days. This is the first of a new feature here at Peru Food in which I will comment and link to what other bloggers are writing and posting about Peruvian food.

At The Kitchen Diary, a Toronto-based blogger writes about his Friday night: listening to Peruvian jazz and having great Peruvian food at Toronto's Drake Hotel. On the menu? Arroz con pato, beer braised duck and rice, Peruvian-style.

At first, the author has some qualms about eating duck, but by the meal's end he's thinking, "the duck ... was so good that I might have to change my stance on this".

Not only are there great pictures of his multi-course meal, he also includes the recipe (!) for the arroz con pato. The post is well worth a read, and is directly linked here.

In an e-mail to Peru Food, he writes, "we have a growing South American population, which brings great music, beautiful women and excellent food to Toronto. All good things." Hear, hear!

The Peruvian tasting menu will continue at the Drake Hotel through January 22.

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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