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Photos: Peruvian Seafood By Juancho

Juancho lives in the United States, and is currently traveling and blogging about his trip to visit family in Peru.

He started his blog Camina El Autor: Juancho's Travels In Peru to "to stay connected and share photos and stories of our trip to Peru with our friends and family." In fact, his blog is full of photos and information for any traveler to Peru.

Of course, no trip to Peru is complete without mentioning Peruvian food, and Juancho has taken some great photos of Peruvian seafood he has kindly allowed me to post here on Peru Food.

His family in Peru owns Señor Cuy, a restaurant in Lima dedicated solely to the preparation of guinea pig, and I promised him at some point, I'll dedicate a post to this unique restaurant.

In the meantime, enjoy Juancho's pictures of Peruvian seafood.

This first set of pictures were taken at the Restaurante El Silencio in Punta Hermosa, a seaside town about 40 kilometers south of Lima.

Choritos a la chalaca, 'boiled mussels, covered with a mixture of onion, rocoto peppers, corn kernels, and parsley, bathed in lime juice.' Juancho calls it akin to a 'mini-ceviche'.

Jalea Mixta
, 'a fried mixture of seafood with an onion, ají (Peruvian hot peppers), and lime juice topping ... served with pieces of fried yuca'.

Picante de mariscos, 'a mix of shellfish and seafood cooked in a spicy sauce. The word picante can mean "spicy" or can refer to spicy dishes with an ají-flavoured sauce or gravy'.

Corvina a lo Macho, 'a fillet of corvina (Sciaena gilberti) smothered in a spicy creamy seafood sauce'.

Of course, all this seafood had to be washed down with a cold Cusqueña beer.

This second set of photos are of Peruvian seafood prepared by Juancho himself for a family dinner. I wish I would have been invited!

Scallops baked with parmesan cheese.

Fettucine with shrimp and clam sauce

'Causa stuffed with crab salad, acompanied by whole cracked crabs. Causa is a dish made by mashing boiled potatoes with lime juice, salt, and puréed yellow hot peppers. In this case the potatoes used were Peruvian yellow potatoes ... and the potato mixture served with a layer of crab, onion, and mayonnaise salad'.

Mussel broth.

This post has made me very hungry!

All photos and descriptions of the dishes by Juancho at Camina El Autor: Juancho's Travels In Peru.

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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