Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video: Chabuca Granda Sings To Peru, The Sleeping Beauty

Before I return to blogging about Peruvian food after the tragic events of August 15, I want to post this musical video, a song by one of Peru's most beloved composers.

It is simply my way of saying that like the Phoenix, Peru will rise again.

María Isabel Granda, best known as Chabuca Granda, composed some of Peru's most emblematic songs, such as José Antonio, Fina Estampa, and La Flor de la Canela.

But, on this occasion, I post this famous vals of hers, The Sleeping Beauty, El Bello Durmiente, which starts off: Te amo Perú, I love you Peru...

Despite the trials and tribulations of man and Nature, Peru will continue to be a great country.

When asked how she came about to compose this song, Chabuca stated, "It was written for my generous country. I composed it many years ago, when a President for whom I did not care was elected. Angry, I went to Europe, and there, I wrote this song. A friend of mine, who read in a newspaper I had written The Sleeping Beauty, asked me, Chabuca, who did you see sleeping?"

The lyrics are moving for all of us who love Peru:

I love you Peru.
If I were to crisscross
All the shades of green that adorn you,
And the grey green blanket of your coast,
That, as you climb the mountains
Turn into a myriad of colors,
I would stand at your highest peak,
And stretch out my arms to embrace you,
And in that solitude, I would ask you humbly
That you kiss me back as I kiss you.

My land is a profusion of love,
It is the child of the Sun,
My Peru
Is a beauty that sleeps amidst its desires,
It is a sleeping beauty that dreams before the heavens.
I love you Peru.

Te amo Perú
Si recorrieras
Toda la gama de verdes que te adornan
Y el griso verde manto de tu costa
Que al subir por los cerros
En colores se tornan
Me empinaría en tu más alta cumbre
Para estirar mis brazos y abrazarte
Y en esa soledad pedirte humilde
Que devuelvas mis besos al yo besarte.

Es un derroche de amor el suelo mío
Y es que es el hijo del sol
El Perú mío
Es un gigante al que arrullan sus anhelos
Bello durmiente que sueña frente al cielo
Te amo Perú

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