Sunday, February 12, 2006

Un Piqueo de Mariscos: A Seafood Sampler

This is a ronda de mariscos, or piqueo de mariscos, which means a sampler of a variety of different seafood starters.

I don't know the exact menu at Mi Propiedad Privada, so I am going to hazard a couple of guesses as I examine the above photograph.

It looks like there is an octopus ceviche, perhaps marinated in an onion and lime mixture.

There are some type of cheesy crackers; I imagine there is some type of seafood under that layer of cheese. I'm thinking something savory, maybe anchovy.

I see some lovely shrimp in a creamy spicy sauce.

And the ever-present mote, or boiled corn kernels, accompanied by boiled sweet potato.

In the center of this platter is the potato terrine, or stuffed mashed potato cake, called causa. In this case, it is most likely stuffed with shrimp.

Click here to read more about Restaurant Cebichería Mi Propiedad Privada in the San Miguel district of Lima.


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