Thursday, May 17, 2007

Peruvian Food In New York City: Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar

Amanda Klud, writing at gridskipper, mentions Chef Nelly Godfrey at Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar (in the heart of the Village) as one of her picks for top female chefs in the city. She says, 'Lima's Taste ... is a good neighborhood spot serving authentic Peruvian food' where 'Chef Nelly makes recipes learned from her grandmother's kitchen.'

Lima's Taste has great pictures of their dishes, by photographer Jorge Sarmiento, on their website :

Shrimp causa; potato terrine with a shrimp filling

Ceviche Mar

Ceviche Mixto; mixed seafood ceviche

Papa Rellena; spicy meat-stuffed potato


Lomo Saltado; beef, onion, and tomato stir-fry

Picante de Mariscos; Seafood in a spicy sauce

Photos: Jorge Sarmiento at the Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar Website

Lima's Taste Ceviche Bar
122 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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La secta del tenedor said...

hola Alejandro!
que buenas fotos has puesto en tu que provocan!!

saludos desde Lima!

Carlos said...

Thanks for this post. As a matter of fact, last time I was in NYC (last June 2006), I found "Lima's Taste" by chance as I was strolling through the village with a friend of mine. At that moment, I decided that I will host a dinner with friends on my last night in the city before my return to Los Angeles. We all had a great time. The food and the service was amazing! I highly recommend this place. Regards, Carlos

::Alejandro:: said...

secta: gracias por la visita, menos mal que voy a estar en Lima en una semana...

carlos: thanks for stopping by, I haven't been there but this place got good reviews and they do have great photos; I appreciate your recommendation...

carol said...

Dude, posting these pictures when I am so tired I can barely make myself a sandwich - entirely too cruel. Thanks for the show of support on my blog "comeback". It is, to date, probably among the dumbest things I've done! But it's nice to get a second chance. :-)

::Alejandro:: said...

carol, you made me laugh! thanks for stopping by, hope all is well...

Blanqui said...

muy buena selección! te invito a ver mi blog de recetas peruanas, como se hacen en mi tierra. Blanqui (con traductor)

::Alejandro:: said...

Gracias Blanqui por la visita, voy a pasar para visitar tu blog. Saludos!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that Lima's Taste is by far my favorite restaurant in NYC. I've been going there for 4 years, and after befriending the waiters and owners (family owned and operated), have even waitressed there. I take all of my NYC visitors there. I go there often. I've been to Peru, but the food at Lima's Taste is better!

Luis Colan said...

Hola Alejandro, going through your blog to see some of the things I've missed in the past few months.
Lima's Taste is unfortunately one of my biggest disappointments here in NYC. I have tried this place numerous times thinking that maybe this time they'll get it right, but as always they don't. Lima's Taste used to be located in the East Village on 13th Street in alphabet city and some time ago they moved to a much better location on the West Village on Christopher Street. The new place has a much better decor, bid wooden colonial chairs, small replicas of balconies and other colonial Peruvian art. The ambiance is great, and the price is steep but that's a standard amount all of NYC's restaurants. But the food is terrible. Not genuine Peruvian at all. They cater to the American public of this city therefore all dishes have to be modified to suit their palettes. Everywhere I go I order Lomo Saltado, a simple dish, and if they get it wrong then it speaks about the other dishes. At this place my friends and I, all Peruvians, have sat down in hopes of getting a good dish but it always fails. The Lomo Saltado I had there last a few months ago was bad, the flavor was off and the beef was had taken on the shape of huge chunks of meat cooked almost rare. We have also tried Aji de Pollo and I don't even want to get into that dish right now. In all, most of the Peruvian restaurants here in Manhattan have Americanized our dishes to the point that they become a joke. Mancora is another restaurant that comes to mind. The only restaurants worth going to are in Queens, where you can find a huge Peruvian population. Most of these places are a mom and pops establishments and can only be found by word of mouth. The only place I enjoy going to here in Manhattan is Pardo's Chicken, on 7th Ave. South just a few blocks away from Lima's Taste. The staff there are super friendly and the food is great. I love my food, I think is one of the best in the world, and it upsets me to see it being watered down by some of these restaurants. What can I say; I grew up in Peru and have had the opportunity to taste the real thing.