Sunday, May 13, 2007

Photos: Lima's Central Market

Lima's first market was located in the vicinity of the Plaza de Armas, where it remained until the 1840s. At that time, it was decided Lima needed a new, modern market similar to the ones in Paris and New York.

The government managed to expropriate a convent, and the market (pictured above) was built at the same site where the current Central Market is located. For its time, it was considered the height of modernity and hygiene. Running water was obtained from a tiled fountain imported from London that sat at the market's center. The market had 66 columned arches that circled its exterior; but by the early 1900s, it had outgrown its use.

In 1902, a new market was built. During the time, Chinese immigration had increased to Peru, and many of the Chinese settled in the area surrounding the market where Lima's Chinatown, el Barrio Chino, is still located.

Sadly, in 1964, this market burnt down in a spectacular fire. The current market was then built; however,during the 60s and well into the 90s, the area surrounding the Central Market became thronged with street-vendors. It was not until the mayorship of Alberto Andrade in the late 90s that the vendors were relocated and the streets around the marketplace became passable again.

Lima's Central Market is full of color, noise, and adventure. When in Lima, I enjoy wandering around the marketplace stalls and looking at all the different Peruvian food products.

These photos are from my most recent visit.


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