Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Photo: Peruvian Strawberries

GiuCe is the wonderful photographer behind the camera at Truxillo Daily Photo, in which she uses photography to document the daily goings-on of this important northern Peruvian city.

Back in January, she posted these images of Peruvian strawberries I knew I had to put up on Peru Food.

She writes: "Menocucho is a small town near Trujillo known for its strawberries. Some farmers sell the fruit on the roadside, people stop, and buy fresh and inexpensive strawberries. A ten kilogram box sells for less than five dollars."

Street vendors are such a part of daily life in Peru, and each town specializes in one kind of food product. Apparently, in Menochuco, it's strawberries.

We've posted Giuce's photos before when we showed you Trujillo sweets.

Update: GiuCe just wrote me to say: ' Yes, Menocucho is known for its strawberries. At times, strawberries sell for as low as US 16¢ per kilo. Or, if you befriend the country people, they may give them to you for free.'

'Trujillo is not only its colonial center with handsome and colorful mansions; but, much more, its residents who go about their day-to-day lives.'

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