Friday, January 26, 2007

Trujillo Sweets: Sweets For The Sweet

If you have a sweet tooth, these mouth-watering photos come to us courtesy of Giuce at Truxillo Daily Photo who tells us these Trujillo sweets are available at a small shop run by Doña Carmen.

There are countless small businesses like this in Peru, which have a loyal following and where good food is made according to old family recipes.

Mazamorra morada, purple corn pudding,
and arroz con leche, rice pudding.

Suspiros limeños, a creamy Trujillo version
of a classic Lima dessert.

Higos rellenos, stuffed figs.

I like what Giuce had to say:

"If you want to taste traditional desserts you have to go to Doña Carmen, an old-fashioned place to eat mazamorra morada, a dessert which takes on the color of one of its main ingredients: purple corn; and arroz con leche, made with rice, milk, sugar, and cinnamon. You can also find higos rellenos, figs with a sweet, creamy milk and sugar filling, and suspiros limeños, made with cream and sugar, ... and many other sweet dishes."

Sweets anyone?

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