Thursday, January 11, 2007

Peru At Madrid Fusión: January 15 - 18

From January 15 until January 18, the world's top chefs will gather in Madrid for Madrid Fusión: V Annual Summit of Gastronomy.

The Spanish capital will host this event that has become one of the primary gatherings for culinary professionals. This year there will be a special tribute to the nexus between Chinese and Western cuisine.

Last year, one of the keynote speakers was Peruvian chef, Gastón Acurio, who was interviewed by Panamá's Elena Hernández, as noted at this post.

Madrid Fusión will also focus on the the notion that 'cooking and nature' form part of a symbiotic relationship.

There will be a special tribute to raw materials. The items highlighted this year include: white truffles from Italy; champagne from France; Stilton cheese from England; Kobe beef from Japan; Bourbon whisky from the United States; Andean potatoes from Peru; port wine from Portugal; and Iberian ham from Spain.

Perú Mucho Gusto, the culinary branch of Peru's Comission for the Promotion of Peru, Prom Perú, will be present with a stand at the fair. To read more about Madrid Fusión, see the program, and the keynote speakers, visit the Madrid Fusión website.

I am not a chef. I do not a restaurant. I do not work in the food industry. But, in almost one year that I have been working on this Peru Food blog, I have learned of the importance of Madrid Fusión in the culinary world.

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