Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On The Blogs: Puno Restaurants @ Audre & Dimitri's Traveling Love Affair

Audre and Dimitri continue their love affair with traveling, which they document at their blog, Audre & Dimitri's Traveling Love Affair.

They, and their unique story, were originally featured at Peru Food at this link.

Currently living in Cuzco, they recently posted about their culinary adventures in Puno, the Peruvian city known as the jumping-off point to explore Lake Titicaca.

Their restaurant reviews are always very detailed and highly informative.

These excerpts are about one of their favorite restaurants in Puno:
"We were in Puno for about a week and ate out for every meal. While Puno is not the gastronomic capital of Perú, we had some very nice meals.

Our Favorite: Casa Andina Private Collection Puno

We went to this restaurant twice and had two good meals.

It's a little out of town, but the taxi ride is only S/.8 at most. The room is lovely, with 2 fireplaces, and the service is quite good.

We shared everything and ordered a Peruvian Tacama Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc + Vigonier (S/.50) that was surprisingly good.

At one of our meals, our starter was the Raviol de ragout cordero con gelatina de menta - Muña y jugos del cocción (S/.30). It was one big lamb ravioli and it was delicious. The reduced sauce was very good.

For our main dish, we shared the Trucha de lago en chutney de recotos y manzana sobre mini tacu-tacu de pallares (S/.38).

It was very good even though the trout was too dry for our taste. The tacu-tacu de pallares is a purée of pallares, which is a delicious white broad bean.

I really like pallares and have started to make a dip of pallares at home as an aperitivo.

Wikipedia translates pallares as lima beans or butter beans but I'm not sure that's correct.

The chef came to our table (which we love) to ask us about our meal. That makes a meal quite special for us.

For dessert we shared the Caneloni rellenos de mousse de caramelo y castaña camotes confitadoes en miel y gelatina de Bailey's (S/.25). The dessert was unusual and we liked it.

We had one agua (S/.7) and one tea de muña (S/.14). Tea de muña is made with a local herb that looks and tastes like oregano."

Audre and Dimitri discuss some of their other favorite restaurants in Puno, as well as restaurants that were barely passable, and their do-not-go list.

They even post a recipe for
Sopa Incaica, an Inca-derived soup, as served at one of their favorite restaurants.

To read the full Puno restaurant review, visit the Puno post at Audre & Dimitri's Traveling Love Affair.

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Juan Arellano said...

Estuve dos veces en Puno hace años, y se comía muy bien. Una carne delicioa.

Stuart said...

Yes, you can eat very well in Puno and you don't have to travel far.

Along the main commercial street there are any number of restaurants where you can eat 3 courses for 30 soles. The ambiance is first rate, the service excellent and the food as good as any fancy restaurant in a wealthier city.

Canelita said...

That restaurant in Puno looked very cozy, and the menu sounded great, although muña might be something I would rather try in a soup. An oregano-flavored tea wouldn't be my cup of tea, really (no pun intended). ;-)

Anonymous said...

En Puno yo comí la alpaca con el puré de papas mas ricos de toda mi vida. La ternura de la carne y la cremosidad de ese puré son inolvidables.

::Alejandro:: said...

@ Juan: mientras siga funcionando esta maquina posteo un poco...gracias por el comentario, seguro se come rico en Puno, sobre todo las sopas...

@Stuart: Thanks for the tips for people looking for less expensive, but still good, eats...

@Canelita: Pero seguro lo por lo menos lo pruebas no?

@Katia: Hmmm, que rico es el pure de papas en la sierra, y un filete de alpaca es riquisímo...