Sunday, August 03, 2008

Peru Grand Tasting In New York City: August 17

For those of you in the NYC area, you might be interested to know that this coming August 17 there is going to be a unique opportunity to sample Peruvian food, Peru Grand Tasting. This is the second year in a row this event is being held. This year's edition will be at Pera Mediterranean Brasserie.

Edgar Perez, organizer of the event, is a Peruvian entrepreneur who is spearheading the opening of a new upscale Peruvian restaurant in Manhattan. The featured chef will be Ezequiel Valencia, personal chef to Peru's Ambassador to the United Nations and formerly of Le Bonbonniere in Lima.

The meal will include Peruvian cocktails, followed by ceviche, causa, the crispy seafood dish jalea, and lomo saltado. Lucuma ice cream will be served for dessert.

Additional information can be found at this link.

Source: El Peru es hermoso

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Pico said...

Hey Alejandro,

This is so unfair! I just finished ordering tickets to take my little girl to watch the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium that same afternoon.

Can't seem to get a break here.


::Alejandro:: said...

Life's hard like that sometimes, but you'll still have a great time with your daughter at the game. Saludos!

Anonymous said...

I can't make it to the event that night. Do you have any recommendations of any good Peruvian restaurants in or close to New York City? I've heard there might be a few right outside the city at Port Chester

::Alejandro:: said...

Right now I don't have a good contact for NYC Peruvian. Have you tried They usually know everything on those forums. If you discover any place that is great, take some pictures and let me, we'll put up a post. Thanks for stopping by.

lospolia said...

Well I was hoping to say I would be drooling over what I found here this eve, but alas.....I'm not the guinea pig type.....nor the scrub type really....but I will keep trying because I KNOW there is a lot for me to learn about Peruvian food! Thank you for your teachings!

::Alejandro:: said...

lospolia!!! What an honor to have you here, commenting on Peru Food, although I'm sorry you caught us at the end of a bizarre food week, jajajaja. Hope you come back more often, and continue to learn about Peruvian food, there are many many posts around here...un gran abrazo!