Friday, August 01, 2008

Peruvian Food Video: Chef Wong Preparing Ceviche

I've posted about Javier Wong, whom I describe as a guru of Peruvian ceviche, at this link, but at You Tube, videographer richatperudotcom has taken it one step further by creating this video of Chef Wong preparing his classic ceviche, using the flatfish called lenguado.

In this video, you see Chef Wong expertly filleting and dicing the fish, then slicing a bit of octopus, which both go into a large bowl. He then adds some red onion, salt, a bit of pepper, mixes it around, pours in some lime juice, gives it all another good stir, and
voilá! A perfect ceviche in about five minutes.

I like how the videographer describes his video:

"Chef Wong has a 7-table restaurant in Lima, Peru. It's reservation only, and pretty darn expensive. But the man is a wiz with a knife and a fish. This video shows him making a ceviche all the way from fish and pulpo (octopus) to plate. Almost worth the trip to Peru all by itself."

This video is well worth watching to see how a true master prepares ceviche:

One in an occasional series of posts with videos of everyday people in Peru filming Peruvian food.

There is actually a prequel to this video, in which Chef Wong chops up the red onions and ajíes (Peruvian hot peppers) to add to the ceviche:

If that doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will.

One in an occasional series of posts with videos of everyday people in Peru filming their Peruvian food.

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7 comments: said...

Thanks for posting this. Your blog is great, and I am honored to have my video included in it!


::Alejandro:: said...

Rich, your video is great...thanks so much!

Canelita said...

Wow, it was quite an experience to see Chef Wong in action! I hope I have the chance to see him live someday and have a taste of his famous ceviche. And it did make me hungry, alright. :)

::Alejandro:: said...

@Canelita: Javier Wong is definitely a master at what he time in Lima...

MEC said...

Emociona ver a Javier Wong haciendo todos los días la misma cosa pero sacando un producto diferente... Parece magia!
gracias por difundirlo.
un abrazo

::Alejandro:: said...

Así es Maria Elena, Javier Wong tiene arte de magia...

mensajes claro said...

This is an incredible blog talking about peruvian foof , Ceviche its so delicios.