Monday, August 04, 2008

Peruvian Food Photo: Q'ueros Eating Seafood

The first time I saw these photos, I was captivated.

The guys at A Thousand Flavors (who took the photos) said:

"The Q'ueros are a small Andean community at more than 4.000 meters above sea level in the department of Cuzco.

Benito and his uncle were invited to Lima for a meeting of communities, after the meeting I took them to the beach to see the ocean, it was fun as they had never seen the sea."

How moving is that?

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Avilio said...

well done... it looks way better... still just hide the navbar... there is a trick for that.. look for in google :D it makes it look professional

Alejandro said...

You're right Avilio, it looks much cleaner this way, thanks again.

Canelita said...

Quite moving images, I'll say. Their visit to Lima must have been a whole new experience indeed. I hope they liked that seafood, but judging from the pictures of them looking at the ocean for the first time, they surely seem to have enjoyed themselves a lot. :-)

::Alejandro:: said...

It reminds me of the annual fair in Miraflores, usually in December, when the women come down from Chincheros to sell their wares. Thanks for you comment.

Jacqueline Nolley Echegaray said...

I love the pic of the two of them at the ocean b/c it reminds me how something that can seem so commonplace can also be tremendously profound. I experience this myself from time to time and am always amazed. This is a very inspiring photo for me-- thanks for posting!

::Alejandro:: said...

I love that picture too, for exactly the same reason you mention. Thanks for your comments!