Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peruvian Food Video: Food And Fashion At Cuy Festival

Caution: This post not recommended for the squeamish.

Yesterday's post about the Amazonian grub suri, reminded me the Third Annual Cuy Festival had just been held in the town of Huacho, about 150 kilometers north of Lima.

Or, maybe I just have bizarre Peruvian foods on my mind.

We've posted about cuy many times before at Peru Food. Shhh! It's the lowly, yet cuddly, guinea pig.

But this video of the Third Annual Cuy Festival held recently in Huacho takes cuy to a whole other level.

We must say the festival got a lot of publicity: it was picked up by ITN, The Telegraph, Anderson Cooper, and Sky News, among others.

Yes, it
was billed as both a Fashion Show and Cook Off by the town of Huacho, and ... well, why don't you see for yourself:

Video: ITN via LiveLeak

Personally, I like cuy but I don't want to see it dressed up before I eat it.

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Canelita said...

Hmmm…I see a trend going on, it must be Bizarre Peruvian Food Week in Peru Food!

This video was so…how shall I put it…colorful, I guess. ☺ How endearing to see all those cutely dressed up cuys shown off so proudly by their owners. Cuy tempura, what an interesting concept…

I was just looking for some cuy pictures a couple of days ago, and came up with one that I would like to share with you. It is dressed up in a Peruvian costume as well, but they did not use a live cuy, exactly:


And about your final assessment: “I like cuy but I don't want to see it dressed up before I eat it.” I’ll say, neither do I.

Anonymous said...

Juaaa Aunque si hay desfiles de moda para perros y gatos, ¿por que no para cuyes?
Lo único que me deja preocupada es que sentirán los pobres animalitos, bien al traje, al lado de las fuentes con sus compañeros aderezados...algo sospecharán.

::Alejandro:: said...

@ Canelita: I promise, that's it for the bizarre food week, but cuy in and of itself is not as bizarre as dressing them up is, now THAT's bizarre! LOL...

@ Katia: Algo sospecharán...pobeshitos...

Amazilia Alba said...

Umm, ya me dio hambre, que rico que es el cuy, pero si no me gustaria verlos vestidos antes de la comida. En la Sierra el cuy no es una mascota es mas nunca se dejan tocar hasta el dia final.
Saludos, muy buen blog!.

KirkK said...

Hey Alejandro - Nothing like having a Cuy fashion show before a nice meal of Cuy.

::Alejandro:: said...

@amazilia alba: gracias por los comentarios!

@ kirkk: it's a whole 'nother take on the notion of 'getting dressed for dinner'