Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Excellence in Production: 2006 Peruvian National Pisco Congress, Arequipa, September 21 to 23

The V National Pisco Conference, V Congreso Nacional del Pisco, will be held in the historic Southern Peruvian city of Arequipa from September 21 to 23. Organized by the Regional Pisco Grape Growers Association, Asociación Regional de Productores de la Vid al Pisco: AREVID, the conference will take place at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, and bring together growers, producers, exporters, government, and business sectors.

The theme for this years conference is Excellence in Production, Excelencia en la cadena productiva.

While the conference is geared for those in the industry, the concurrent PiscoFeria Arequipa 2006 is an additional event that will bring out the major pisco producers in Peru, as well as vendors. There will be music, dance, culinary exhibitions, and of course, many opportunities for sampling the best piscos produced in Peru.

Arequipa is an important grape-growing region, and the nearby Victor, Majes, and Carveli valleys are home to 105 pisco producers.

This news comes to us via the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture and Radio Programas del Perú.

More information available in Spanish at these websites:

V National Pisco Conference

PiscoFeria Arequipa 2006


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