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Restaurant: Fiesta Restaurant Gourmet in Miraflores

In Peru, the coastal North is one of the regions that is famed for its regional cuisine. Although many similar dishes exist in Peru, there is something unique about the seasoning and flavor of
style food.

In its September 9 edition, the Lima daily,
Perú 21, published a review (Sazón norteño, sazón total, Northern flavor, complete flavor) of one of the traditional northern-style restaurants located in greater Lima, Fiesta Restaurant Gourmet in Miraflores. This restaurant specializes in the cuisine of the Chiclayo region, known for its seafood, its roast kid goat, and its
arroz con pato, the famous Peruvian duck and seasoned rice dish, arguably the best in Lima.

The author writes, "You can never lose with the food in Fiesta Restaurant Gourmet. Their kitchen seems to be have but one both simple yet complex rule: make people's tastes buds happy. And, they do attain their goal."

The unnamed author of the review interviewed Héctor Solí­s, Fiesta's chef and owner, who prepared two appetizers:
mero ceviche accompanied simply by boiled large-kernel corn, ají­ limo, and limón de olmos (Peruvian lime). Solí­s also prepared the classic potato tarte, causa limeña
, made with yellow potatoes (unavailable fresh outside Peru), prawns, slightly salted onion, garlic, white wine, and dill.

As if this wasn't enough, Chef Solís proceeded to serve the main course:
costillar de cabrito de leche a la leña
, a rack of wood-roasted kid goat ribs, a Northern Peru speciality. Eating this dish is a a memorable experience.

The other main dish was the quintessential arroz con pato, duck in seasoned-rice, the house specialty.

Arroz con pato, duck in with seasoned-rice.
Photo: Sulsba Yépez in
Perú 21.

Chef Solís is clearly very modest.

"I'm not the one to say it," he says, "but my patrons do: this is the best arroz con pato in Peru."

By the end of lunch, the author was disposed to agree.

Fiesta Restaurant Gourmet
Avenida Reducto 1276/1278
Phone: 242-9009

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