Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Princess of Cairo Prepares Peruvian for an Amsterdam Party, or How Anyone Can Cook Peruvian

I'm not sure who the Princess of Cairo is, where she lives, or what she does for a living. And, I can't even begin to think where she learned to cook Peruvian.

Her witty, sexy, and irreverent blog Purgatory is a Cat, is a journal she hopes her mother never reads, in which she tells it like it is, as she traipses across continents, en route breaking hearts, listening to music, expanding minds, and enjoying good food.

I stumbled across a recent post about Peruvian food on her blog. It seems she was in Amsterdam, and having a going-away party (the Princess certainly travels), and she "wanted to serve tasty, inexpensive food to (her) guests, but wasn't sure what to do. The solution? Peruvian food!"

She put together quite a meal, making causa limeña, ceviche, a chicken-less arroz con pollo (yes, you read that right; she calls it arroz con pollo sin pollo), and papas a la huancaína. Her technique may not be that of Lima's top chefs, but her dishes turned out looking quite good (of course, she posted pictures) and she even includes her recipes and a brief description of each dish. Where did she learn to cook like that? I didn't know princesses knew how to cook.

I hope that if the Princess makes it to my neck of the woods, she throws me a little party, too. Her blog is quite entertaining, and proof that Peruvian food is quite easy and delicious to make.

You may have to scroll down a bit, past Christina Aguilera, to get to the post:

How to Make Peruvian Food by the Princess of Cairo

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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