Tuesday, September 19, 2006

London: Amazonian Food Festival

Here's something interesting I came across; if you're in London this week, you may want to check it out.

(I'm always learning something new with this blog.)

This week, a north London restaurant is holding its
Festival Gastronómica de la Amazonía Latinoamericana, a Latin American Amazonian Food Festival.

This also happens to be the same week they celebrate Semana Turística de Iquitos, Tourist Week in Iquitos.

If you're in London instead of the Peruvian Amazon, you should head to Islington if you're craving that Amazonian feel.

Amazonians in Islington?

Hey, it should be a good party at El Aguajal Restaurant this coming September 22 to 25.

Here's a bit of a review about
El Aguajal from London Eating

"(The) restaurant is in a good location, the food is brilliant and there are a variety of traditional Peruvian drinks, especially the well known Peruvian pisco sour. The dishes are well presented and made with attention to detail. All this is accompanied by music that make you feet eager to dance."

Sounds like a pretty good recommendation.

Thanks to Arte Culinario Perú, a blog by César Silver Galán, from Piura in northern Peru, for this info.

Photo: El Aguajal by Citykey.

El Aguajal

54 Balls Pond Road, Islington, London
Phone: 44 (0) 20 7923 4883

El Aguajal website


Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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Luis Colan said...

I've never had Amazonian food before. Have you? I'm picturing very exotic foods that might night be good to my palette. I guess I'm criollo all the way!


Juan Arellano said...

Excelente... quiero ver a Mick Jagger comiendo su juane, y recordando cuando se emborrachaba en Iquitos, lástima que ya no resida en UK creo.

::Alejandro:: said...

Luis: They eat a lot of fish in the Amazon, and some of it is spicy, but they also love yuca. One typical dish is called juanes (like the singer) which is kind of a tamal. There's this place in Lince that has good Amazonian food in Lima.

Juan: Eso sí sería chistoso, o viendo a Liz y Phil bailando lambada....Gracias por la visita.


Luis Colan said...

Si escuche de jueanes antes. Too bad I don't like much sea food.


::Alejandro:: said...

Then, there's this Juanes.