Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Peruvian Cuisine Explosion: Associated Press

Joan Cirillo, who writes for the Associated Press, recently published the latest article on Peruvian food in the US press, Peruvian Cuisine is Exploding onto the Culinary Scene, which was picked up nationwide at the end of June.

Yesterday, the Spanish-language translation of her article (Cocina peruana amplía presencia en Estados Unidos) appeared in many US Spanish-language papers.

Cirillo interviews Doris Rodríguez de Platt, founder of Portland's acclaimed Andina Restaurant, chosen Best Restaurant of 2005 by The Oregonian. Located in the Pearl District, Andina invites diners to "experience the warmth, familiarity, and contrasts" of its Novo Andina cuisine, a movement that reinvents Peruvian traditional foods by applying sophisticated culinary techniques, says Cirillo. Rodríguez de Platt explains, "Novo Andina tries to bring color and presentation to our traditional foods."

Cirillo's article goes on to discuss the current boom in Peruvian restaurants and products in the US. Peruvian restaurants, both upscale and elegant establishments as well as small-ethnic eateries, are now present in most major cities. Peruvian food products are now more readily available than ever. Demand has grown so much, one of the leading distributors of Latino-food products in the US, Goya, is expanding its line of Peruvian food items. More importantly, as more people discover Peruvian cuisine, it is finally gaining recognition as its own unique entity, something long coming.

Cirillo explains there is concerted effort by the Comission for the Promotion of Peru, Prom Perú, to "(let) the world know Peru has this exquisite cuisine," in the words of one official. The Peruvian government is keenly aware a greater demand for Peruvian cuisine means a greater demand for Peruvian exports.

But, Cirillo asks, what makes Peruvian cuisine so distinctive?

"It owes much to the combination of its rich natural resources with the traditions of immigrant ethnic groups ... and the bounty of three clearly different regions: the coast and its desert; the Andean Mountains; and the Amazon jungle."

I couldn't agree with her more.

If you read the article carefully, you'll find this humble blog mentioned.


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