Thursday, January 31, 2008

On The Blogs: Kión Lounge In NYC @ Food/Actually

Peruvian food seems to be everywhere these days. On The Blogs is a new feature here at Peru Food in which I comment and link to what other bloggers are writing and posting about Peruvian food.

Food/Actually is a blog which explores, "Lovely delectable things from the city, both coasts, and around the globe."

When they refer to "the city" they mean NYC, where the blog is based.

Recently, Food/Actually visited the hip Japanese Peruvian Kión Lounge "on E. 6th St. and Ave. A".

In Peru, kión means ginger, a word which entered the Peruvian vocabulary via China; in other Spanish-speaking countries the word for ginger is jengibre. It's just another example of the influence of Asian cuisine in Peruvian food and culture.

In Food/Actually's own words: "...the pictures [of Kión] speak for themselves..."

Here are two of Food/Actually's mouth-watering pics. Follow the link below to see more.

"Spicy mussels: wok-roasted mussels with rocoto peppers,
ginger, cilantro, and miso broth."
Photo: Food/Actually

"Pulpito: Chilled baby octopus and sautéed octopus tentacles
with a panca miso garlic ginger sauce"
Photo: Food/Actually

To read the entire post, and see even more pictures, visit Food/Actually's post here.

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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