Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On The Blogs: Midtown Manhattan's El Sabroso @ Midtown Lunch

Peruvian food seems to be everywhere these days. On The Blogs is a new feature here at Peru Food in which I comment and link to what other bloggers are writing and posting about Peruvian food.

Midtown Lunch is a NYC food blog dedicated to "finding lunch in the food wasteland of New York's Midtown". The Midtown Lunch crew is very good at finding unique, often ethnic, restaurants, and in a recent post, they tell us about El Sabroso.

Click on the image to see the complete menu.
Read the sign above the door: Save Money and Eat Well Here.
Photo: Midtown Lunch

El Sabroso is literally a hole-in-the-wall, but a Peruvian food hole-in-the-wall, in the midst of Midtown Manhattan. It reminds me of little mom-and-pop run restaurants I've seen in the historic center of Lima. It's just a counter with some stools tucked into the corner of a freight elevator hallway!

I swear I've seen the same setup in the center of Lima.
Photo: Midtown Lunch

Appearances aside (although, there is a certain charm), the Midtown Luncher calls El Sabroso "a hidden gem" and has gone back more than once (always a good sign). The lady who does the cooking is Peruvian. Read the complete review here.

The tallarín rojo, red spaghetti, looks just like grandma's.
Photo: Midtown Lunch

If you want to know where El Sabroso is located, you'll have to read it at Midtown Lunch.


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