Friday, January 25, 2008

Pisco Sour Recipe: The Illustrated Japanese Version

Giancarlo, our Peruvian friend in Japan who writes at Desde Japón, has devised the easiest ever pisco sour recipe: the illustrated Japanese version.

Check it out.

(Click on the images to get the full effect.)


Images: Desde Japón

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Puro Pisco said...

japanese are always fun people, great comic!!! and better yet they are using peruvian pisco. Congrats for the site

Canelita said...

Too too funny! I found it refreshing (no pun intended) to see that Japanese had such a taste of humor...enough for a manga version of pisco-sour making.

::Alejandro:: said...

@puro pisco: que bueno que te paseaste por aca! Por supuesto, un brindis con pisco peruano! Saludos!

@canelita: It made me laugh out loud too, especially the second set.