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Peru Once Again At Madrid Fusión

This week in Madrid, the world's leading chefs, food critics, restaurateurs, and foodies have convened for the sixth annual culinary extravaganza: Madrid Fusión.

Since its inception in 2003, Madrid Fusión has become one of the leading gastronomic events in the world.

The theme for this year's version is Gastronomy, the Internet and New Technologies.

For the fifth consecutive year, Peru has been proudly represented at this world-class gastronomic summit.

The venerable Javier Wong at Madrid Fusión 2008
Photo: RPP

Peruvian potatoes, ceviche, and Peruvian pisco were on hand at the Peru stand, always one of the big draws at the gathering.

Peruvian chefs such as Javier Wong (featured on this blog at this post) and Iván Kisic were on hand to prepare new interpretations of unique Peruvian specialties, adding to the current buzz about Peruvian food.

Coinciding with the UN's declaring 2008 The Year of the Potato (as reported here), Peru promoted itself as the birthplace of this global tuber, home to over 3,000 varieties.

Iván Kisic, current chef at Lima's Cala, prepared cutting-edge potato dishes, employing sophisticated techniques and innovative presentations. Meanwhile, Javier Wong, while true to the basic principles of traditional Peruvian cuisine, prepared new combinations and transformations of the classic Peruvian ceviche.

Johny Schuler, one of Peru's leading pisco experts, offered visitors to the Peru stand pisco tasting and demonstrations on the unique qualities of Peruvian pisco.

Among the cold dishes offered at the Peru stand were Causita criolla de camote y cangrejo y ají limo, a sweet potato causa with crab and key lime; Causita criolla de papa al pulpo en sus dos olivas, a causa with octopus and olives; a selection of scalloped Andean tubers in three classic sauces: rocoto, huacatay and huancaína; a Mini ocopa de langostinos bebe con papita nativa y su aceitunita, native small potatoes with baby shrimp and olive in an ocopa sauce; Bocadito de trucha ahumada y papa pachamanquera, an amuse-bouche of smoked trout and potatoes cooked pachamanca-style; and, the perennial favorite, Papita a la huancaína, small potatoes in a huancaína sauce.

Hot dishes included Variedad de papas peruanas cocidas y sus salsa, cooked Peruvian potatoes and sauces; Mini papita amarilla al horno en salsa de ají de gallina, small baked potatoes in an ají de gallina sauce; Pastel de papa arequipeña con queso serrano, an Arequipa-style potato pastry with Andean cheese; and an Espuma de papa amarilla y jugo de chupe, a foam of Peruvian yellow potatoes in a chupe sauce.

Next year, Madrid Fusión!

Source: RPP

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