Sunday, January 27, 2008

On The Blogs: Peruvian @ SaltShaker

Peruvian food seems to be everywhere these days. On The Blogs is a new feature here at Peru Food in which I comment and link to what other bloggers are writing and posting about Peruvian food.

Dan Perlman's green causa, Buenos Aires
Photo: SaltShaker

Dan Perlman is an American living in Buenos Aires who has both a gastronomic and personal interest in Peru and Peruvian food.

He's quite the renaissance man, running a gamut of businesses including one in which his home becomes a dining establishment, as well as blogging about food at SaltShaker.

Cebiche de Conchas Negras, a dark clam ceviche, Trujillo
Photo: SaltShaker

He's written a fair amount about Peru and Peruvian cuisine. On a trip to Lima, he wrote about Javier Wong and ceviche de conchas negras at this post.

He has also waxed on the birthday of Peruvian poet César Abraham Vallejo Mendoz and created a Peruvian dinner for the occasion, which he documented here.

Cangrejo reventado, burst crab, Trujillo
Photo: SaltShaker

He raved about the cangrejo reventado, burst crab, he had on the beach near Trujillo and recreated the dish at this post.

One of his most captivating posts is about his trip to Trujillo to visit his in-laws where he ate at a small local eatery called El Paisa and where he was invited to share in the warmth of a Peruvian family meal, about which he writes here. After last year's earthquake in Peru, he worried about his in-laws; fortunately, they were all OK.

At a post about how he's always getting asked to provide spicy dishes at his Buenos Aires dinners, I found the great picture of Dan's green causa which starts off this post. The full article is here.

To find out more about Dan, read his blog, SaltShaker.

Click here for the Peru Food main page.

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